Butterfly Lovers

A two-person VR/AR cooperative puzzle game experience that could help prevent elder abuse

Game Flowchart

In this flowchart, our paper prototype team has outlined the gameplay. It shows how the Vive and augmented reality tablet will be used in addition to the way players will interact. The interaction is illustrated to show its collaborative and interdependent nature. This type of chart is necessary in understanding and remembering each step as […]

Making Hand Tremors

In making hand tremors, we hope to accomplish user embodiment of a common affliction among the elderly. However, there are numerous technical and research challenges in completing this task. From a technical point of view, the sizing and shape of the hands must be appropriate for a VR environment. Since the user must pick up […]

Chart of Tools for Measuring Empathy

Our paper prototype and research member Jessica Cheng has created a chart to document and compare tools in measuring empathy.┬áThis instrument table demonstrates the different tools and measurements that are utilized to measure empathy. Because empathy is a complex, multifaceted trait, it is often measured through surveys. There have been different forms of the surveys […]

2017 Undergraduate Symposium

Butterfly lovers is applying to USC’s 2017 Undergraduate Symposium through a website and prototype submission. For website, we’ve discussed how served both archival and outreach purposes. As an archive, it has served in providing a story of the process and bringing together each component of the project. This is important in creating an outreach in […]

Playtesting Session 1

During this session, team members started discussing and testing the current project gameplay. Team members took turns testing different puzzles with the guide of our paper team. These puzzles involved verbal communication between two individuals in order to find specific objects. This play testing has also marked the beginning of implementing the work of our […]