Virtual Reality Lets Med Students Experience What It’s Like To Be 74

“We Are Alfred” allows young medical students to feel what it’s like to be an elderly individual experiencing audio and visual problems. This allows them to experience what it might be like to go through the aging process.

Virtual Reality Aimed At The Elderly Finds New Fans

“Seniors often end up in the hospital for preventable conditions — like dehydration, malnutrition and electrolyte imbalances — exacerbated by loneliness and lack of self-care.”  Dr. Sonya Kim is using VR for senior care settings in order to help and inspire elderly individuals.

Can VR Really Make You More Empathetic?

“Will VR be most effective for building empathy in privileged people who haven’t personally experienced racism or sexism? In children? In the elderly?”  This Wired article discusses the VR’s capabilities as an empathy engine.

The Empathy Toy

Twenty One Toys designs and manufactures toys that teach Empathy, Failure, Creative Communication, Collaboration and other core skills necessary for 21st Century learners, of any age.

Does empathy have limits? Depends on whom you ask

Is it possible to run out of empathy?


OpenIDEO is a global community working to solve major world challenges through design solutions. One of the current initiatives is designing solutions to help prevent falls among the elderly.